Time is our currency in St. Niklausen therefore we offer private time slots, hourly, daily, weekly slots where you can really connect with the art on display, time to foster dialogue to discuss and debate art and it’s production conditions in these troubling times but also a time to celebrate art, far away from usual gallery, art fair talks and atmosphere. All our time slots are combined with the well known hospitality services of THE PROPOSAL this will make your stay truly holistic and immersive. All profits will be shared with the artists involved in the program, obviously if you fall in love with a work on display feel free to speak to the founder of THE PROPOSAL Jérémie Jean-Ferdinand Maret on site for more information and availabilities. Write us an e-mail, give us a call. We host weddings, retreats, birthdays, photoshoots, workshops & dinners. Please get in touch for your private and exclusive offer.