Paper Panels by Ruben Maria


Paper Panels

cm 67x47x5

“Paper Panels” is a series of new objects created by Ruben Maria. They are rectangular assemblies  with different surface structures.

Some are reminiscent of woodgrain, obtaining a similarity to omnipresent concrete formwork in functional architecture. Other panel are sanded down, reminding us of stone or terrazzo. The focus lies on colour, one associates the panels with pointillist paintings.

The working materials stone and concrete correlate with endurance and hardness, not something that is prevalent in the art works. The panels are extremely fragile, tactilely smooth, and soluble in water. The discrepancy between material and association could not be larger.

Ruben Maria’s artworks consist of relics from his own daily life. For “Paper Panels”, he shredded wastepaper, collected over multiple years, and covered said paper with water, pressed it into forms, and dried the material. This invariable manufacturing process is somewhat industrialized. Nevertheless, the panels are not identical. The amount of paper and paper colour as well as the drying process differentiate the panels from each other.

The paper panels were created with a limited amount of new resources. Only water for the wet process and paling-forms are necessary to transform wastepaper into art works.