Green Washing Zweifel by Ruben Maria



mattress, cast, jute, sandstone pigment, varnish

cm 50 x 60 x 95 ; 95 x 70 x 85 ; 25 x 50 x 95

As the title “Greenwashing” suggests, Ruben Maria utilizes a keyword that belongs to a societal and political discourse, exposing opportunistic attitudes. Greenwashing describes the process of acting ecologically aware, yet this awareness is strongly linked to monetary goals and ambitions – people and companies solely want to appear green. This process becomes personal in “Greenwashing”, as Ruben Maria uses his own monthly trash. ‘J’accuse’, in the greater sense, becomes shame in the singular. The sculpture is arranged and covered by a mixture of cast, sandstone pigment, and varnish, turning the trash grayish green. The objects turn into archaeological artifacts, found after years of decay on the bottom of the ocean. What artifacts will be found in future civilizations? What will they see in the outlines and shadows, when the objects’ real meaning is hidden?