residence in art

at our offbeat location, a unique, stand alone 400-year-old farmhouse in st. niklausen switzerland, we invite our members, guests and participating artists to spend time with us in an impressive landscape.

Become a Resident in Art

The Proposal goes beyond conventional gallery walls. Where ever we need to display, we invite you to stay. Art and hospitality are combined in order to offer a holistic experience with the work on display. Art is conveyed in sleep – with beds for guests being part of the gallery concept. The Proposal, is to be seen as a systematic interplay that allows Art to be experienced in the truest sense of the term.

Request your personal offer

You want to stay at The Proposal and become a "Resident in Art"? Please drop us a not or call us: +41787242821

Time offline

Time is our currency in St. Niklausen therefore we offer private time slots, hourly, daily, weekly slots where you can really connect with the art on display, time to foster dialogue to discuss and debate art and it’s production conditions in these troubling times but also a time to celebrate art, far away from usual gallery, art fair talks and atmosphere. All our time slots are combined with the well known hospitality services of THE PROPOSAL this will make your stay truly holistic and immersive.

With your stay you support our artists

The profit from the stays, as well as from any artwork sales is used to pay the remaining artists as well as create production bursaries. This generates basic income for the artists of the association, providing a financial viability for an artist career.

Become a Member

Subscribe to our annual Residence Membership and get 10% off your bookings, one free night with breakfast at The Proposal and many more benefits.

A fair Art Gallery

We are a young association who tries to find alternative ways of sustaining artistic practices. We aim to foster solidarity, mutual support and international collaborations between artists from different backgrounds and therefore make them more resilient in a world in upheaval.

Residence in Art

A holistic location and gallery for art, hospitality, recreation and events.


"THE PROPOSAL was more than a place to rest your head in, it was an experience that is now ranked as one of my top get away excursions of all times." bianca p. -


"The most unusual aspect of the gallery is that all of its exhibitions so far have included a bed, so visitors can spend a whole night amongst the art. Maret believes this creates more meaningful encounters." dezeen:


"A new zurich gallery PROPOSES you sleep in the van out back." art in america