you sell, i earn - i sell, you earn.
we believe in all our artists at THE PROPOSAL and do know that if we combine our diversity we are stronger. the covid 19 pandemic showed us in a fast-forward manner that the actual structure of the art market can’t be a steady and stable source of income for artists, curators, small to middle sized galleries and the whole industry that works for it. art fairs are being postponed, exhibitions canceled, governmental support, galleries merging or disappearing. what can we do to save our artists income?

we propose a new system in this age of pandemic. we reduced all regular gallery costs to a minimum, moved to a digital platform based gallery system which enables us to share 30% of each sale equally to all our artists engaged in our program. 50% remains to the selling artist, 20% will go into a production bursaries and maintenance  of the platform.this will generate a basic income for our artists, but most importantly all our artists are not competing against each other but with each other. every artist is an ambassador for the others.

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